Rocket IT Mission Hosting

We can host your servers and applications in our own New Zealand based cloud or in Microsoft Azure.

We are a Microsoft Partner

Why ask us to host ?

Do you really want that old server sitting in the corner of your office or in the broom cupboard? It may be gasping for breath or waiting to be returned to the lease company. We can help you escape the risk of it’s demise by putting your servers and applications into the cloud. 

The cloud is scary ?

You already use it. Banking, government departments, insurance companies – they all use it and so do you. Your data is safe and sound. Backed up and replicated and on newer, more powerful hardware than is in your broom cupboard.  We love looking after those servers, but we love providing you with the safety that Microsoft or our cloud brings you. 

How  much does it cost and will it save me money?

We don’t know and probably not. It is always good to be honest. The difference is chalk and cheese. There are so many different options. A free assessment will provide you with the answers and the costs.  You can dial up and dial down and get infrastructure that fits your business.

So I wont have to buy a new server ever again?

That is right. Take back that space and electricity and pay a monthly subscription for something that is always up to date and fit for purpose. If you don’t need it anymore then don’t pay for it. Simple as that. Let us look after your infrastructure while you get some sleep at night.

We have options to suit every business so call us on 0800 485 644 or go to our  email us below, and lets make IT happen.

Rocket Engineered

Your server hosted in a NZ Datacentre. Know where your information is stored and backed up to.

Just a click away

Applications on your desktop seamlessly. We help you adopt the cloud with whatever suits your business.

Work with confidence

Your data hosted on up to date equipment, housed in a secure and safe environment. We keep the lights on.

Contact us for your free assessment

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