Case studies: a look at how we work

Saving the day

ITM know the building business inside out but needed some help with their infrastructure migration. With independently owned stores across the country, communication between the stores and their head office is vital, and any interruption in their communication channels could have a huge impact.

One of our partner companies was working with ITM during their email migration to a new server but when ITM encountered some issues, we were called in by our partner to provide some expert help. Within an hour of being asked for our assistance we were working on the system and continued to help them throughout the two- week migration. With our quick response, we were able to ensure a successful migration with no outage for ITM who were able to continue with their business as usual.

We are now looking at planning for the future with ITM, offering solutions for their future needs.

Working together on the future

We love working with businesses that are growing and delivering the best IT solutions to meet their changing needs, Hanlon Plumbing, are a great example of that.  
In just over 10 years, Hanlon has grown from a one-man operation to a team of over 150 employees. They are a vibrant company with a clear vision for the future, but unfortunately their IT systems and support were frustrating their teams and hindering their business.

From our first conversations it was clear that Hanlon Plumbing are a company who truly believe in delivering quality service to their clients, but that it wasn’t what they were getting from their IT provider. We worked with them to deliver effective solutions to their immediate issues – providing support to both their head office and off-site teams, managing their on-site servers and giving them easy access to all their information. Once that was up and running, we worked together to create a technology roadmap that ensures that at each stage of their development, they have the appropriate systems. Over the last few months we have improved their security and put systems in place to ensure business continuity in the event of an outage, and are working on migrating files to Sharepoint.  

Our close working relationship means that we understand their business and can support them now and in the future.

Supporting change

Merchandising Support Team (MST) are a passionate visual merchandising company working with teams across the country to help drive sales for major retail brands through their incredible service. We have worked in partnership with them for several years delivering reliable systems that deliver the vital, time sensitive information that their teams need in order to operate.

When MST acquired Topline Marketing in 2017, they created Engagement Group. We worked closely with them to ensure that it was business as usual at ground level whilst we helped them transition. With a new name came a new office build and we played an integral part in ensuring a smooth move, migrating their systems and making sure that all the technology was up and running on day one. We also helped them reduce costs by delivering the right software licensing and hardware to meet their new requirements.

We are continuing to work with them as Engagement Group, developing strategies for cloud based servers and Office 365 migration, enabling them to focus on their business.

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