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We can take you up to the cloud and then in to space !


So we are changing the name and purpose of this page. We are going to focus on about how you get the most from your technology. We can get you working wherever you want, on whatever you want. 

We are a Microsoft Cloud Provider and we are completing many Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint implementations. 

Dont miss the Rocket ship….give us a call.

We can take you up to the cloud and then in to space !


22nd May 2020

Level 2. Just over ten days of Level 2 now and things are looking good. 

We have moved most staff back into the office and next week will almost be a full house. 

Level 2 has brought a whole new type of busy for us as businesses come back to work. Lots of requests and projects to re-start. 

What is new of note then…..

1) Everyone must be happy with their security since opening up for WFH. We havent had any calls. Please call us because there must be some data that is more at risk now.

2) Computer hardware is available BUT dont bank on it being delivered anytime soon. We are now offering our own delivery service because orders just are not turning up. 

3) We are using the covid tracker app and have our own Microsoft Teams Channel set up to track where we go. 

4)   We do have a sister leasing company called Rocket IT Leasing ltd (the name took ages to think of). It has been around for years and leases thousands of dollars of equipment so if you are short of CAPEX then please contact us. 

5) Bring on level 1

28th April 2020

It is level 3! woohoo. Takeaways ordered and the sun is shining. 

Just a few things to note…

1) Computer hardware is becoming more readily available again.

2) It is time to look at the little holes you punched in your technology to get remote working functional

3) We now have the capability to create e-commerce sites – let us know if you are looking top sell your products online. 

4) We anticipate visiting more sites to resolve issues as people come back to work. Please see our Government Covid 19 Safety plan.

Rocket IT – COVID 19 Pandemic Plan

09th April 2020

We have been doing some sniffing around and there are a few laptops and PC’s and the like coming back into stock. They were like hen’s teeth and they come in and of stock quicker than you can say “is it wine time yet?”. This equipment is only available to facilitate working from home or for essential service workers – delivery only.




26th March 2020

We are now essential services  !

 “Critical support services to ensure businesses and workers can continue working from home are considered to be essential. This includes functions such as IT and Payroll”



25th March 2020

Lock down – we are still available !

Our engineers are working from home and available to help you through our normal support channels. It is business as unusual for us. We are helping our customers and other businesses in need get access to their systems to work remotely. We are not currently conducting ANY site visits. This may change as we have  requested essential service status as we provide switches and routers to facilitate Internet connectivity and we also service a number of large essential companies. Watch this space for any changes. We remain available 24/7/365.


20th March 2020

Please see our offer below

Free “Teams in Ten Minutes” overview….We have sooooooo many enquiries about working from home and the best way to communicate and share files. So to do our bit we are offering a free ten minute online overview of how Microsoft Teams can assist your business in these uncertain times. You can book below and we will also throw some time in for questions relating to your own business. I was going to do a webinar but every business is different so this seems like a good way to do it. All you need is a device/PC/laptop etc to dial in with and some form of speakers/heaphones/mic/headset etc. Remember Teams is free from Microsoft at the moment! Offer only open to businesses. 


16th March 2020


From a technical perspective Is your business ready for Covid 19? 


Imposed quarantines, working from home and sick leave may have an effect on your business. While our health is the top priority, many of us own or manage businesses that need to keep operating.

The questions we are all starting to ask ourselves are

1)      Do we have the equipment for staff to work from home?

2)      Do we have the technology to access systems if required from home?

3)      Are we able to communicate internally and externally?

4)      Do we have a process should this happen?

5)      How do I find out how prepared I am?

6)      Can my IT company keep running?

In essence, you need to cover the following





You have a solid plan if you have accounted for these 4. The site below has some great advice for businesses.

Let me quickly answer question 6. We can remotely access computers and servers from anywhere. We are able to communicate via multiple methods. Our roaming technicians can come to your offices if required (should we be able to gain access). We have put in controls to be able to work if our customers (or us) are put into a quarantine situation.

Questions 1-5 are simple to find out….Call us.

We can help you and your business carry on working. We are already working with our customers in this space and we are ready and willing to assist.

This web page will be updated when required so why not bookmark

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