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It is all well and good to have your data backed up, but what happens when it all goes pear-shaped and you need to restore?

Does my company need backups?

If you have data, you need a backup of that data. We haven’t found a company yet that doesn’t have precious and valuable data.  Whether your data is on your server, on a provider in the cloud or just on a PC it needs to be backed up and kept safe (and you need to know where it is). 

Backups are simple right?  You use a piece of software and it puts a copy of all your data on to another disk, or in the cloud or even on to a tape. We agree that backups are simple, but (there is always a but), restoration has to be easy and tested. They have to be fed and watered too.

30% of companies that have a major data loss close their doors within 1 year. This could be a virus, malicious data damage, accidental deletion, corrupt backups, the list goes on. Backups are the trampoline at the bottom of the cliff that bounce you back to safety. 

Don’t take backups for granted – eg. deleted emails are kept for 14 days only in Office 365 – the product still needs a backup tool.

How does Rocket keep my data safe?

We take a more holistic approach. First off you need a backup strategy. In our evaluation phase we look at your current processes and align them with best practice. There is no one size fits all with backup solutions. We manage data backups to the cloud, to our datacentre, replication and much much more. We advise, we install, we feed and water it. 

So what else do you do to keep me safe and sound?

We supply anti virus that protects your data in the cloud before it even hits your PC or laptop. We use the industry leaders’ software to help you sleep at night. We install and maintain firewalls and managed switching equipment in our Datacentre and in your premises. Not every solution is the same, but rest assured you can breathe a sigh of relief and be as safe as you can be in this time of worldwide threats.  

If you want peace of mind then choose Rocket IT for backup solutions to suit your business.

Call us on 0800 485 644 or go to our  email us below, and lets make IT happen.

Backup Advice

We evaluate your current situation and advise solutions and best practice.


We install the best solution for your business and protect your data. 

Making IT happen

We feed and water the backups and restore data when you need it.

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