Hosting – Microsoft or Rocket IT Cloud

We started out hosting servers and mailboxes within our cloud environment hosted in NZ. Using the scale of Microsoft datacentres, we now supply datacentre services through Azure.

Rocket IT is at the forefront of cloud based hosting and cloud hosting services in New Zealand, providing robust and scalable solutions to meet the dynamic needs of businesses. Our cloud hosting is designed to offer the flexibility and efficiency that modern enterprises require, enabling them to scale resources up or down based on demand. With Rocket IT, clients gain access to high-performance cloud hosting services that ensure their websites and applications run smoothly, backed by the reliability and security of our state-of-the-art data centres.

In addition to our cloud solutions, Rocket IT specialises in data center dedicated server hosting and data centre hosting, offering businesses a secure and powerful environment for their critical infrastructure. Our dedicated server hosting provides the ultimate in control, performance, and security, allowing clients to customise their server configurations to match their specific requirements. Whether you’re looking for cloud hosting to enhance your business agility or need a dedicated server to support high-traffic websites and complex applications, Rocket IT has the expertise and infrastructure to support your success.

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Server and storage hosting and support 

We can host and support servers in private or public clouds. We have decades of experience managing hosts and virtual machines in Microsoft environments. So, we can look after your applications while you look after your business.