Looking after computer networks is often seen as a dark art. That makes us wizards. We install, configure and manage small to large networks in existing and new buildings.

We make sure your computer/server/phone/machinery/fridge (we look after commercial fridges) has a connection to the right network.

We have installed cabling at new warehouses and factories. From the cabling in the walls to the cable that goes into the back of your computer, we do it all. We have expertise in many manufacturers of routers and switches. We configure your wireless connections and can provide backup links should your internet fail (4g/fibre/satellite/point to point/loads more). We are the guys who open that little door under the stairs or metal cupboard on the wall and get excited by the flashing lights, always commenting on how the last guy did the cabling.

We provide broadband connections to many of our customers across the country. So whether you can only get a VDSL/4G connection or Starlink we can help you get connected.

Connectivity is vital now with most systems being cloud based.

We can help you get your business connected in the right way.