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We are Cyber Security Experts.
We review your environment to identify areas where you could improve your security posture with affordable and practicable solutions that are subscription based.

Rocket IT is a leader in delivering comprehensive cyber security services across New Zealand, safeguarding businesses from the ever-evolving threats in the digital world. Our cyber security expertise is tailored to protect your critical data and infrastructure, ensuring peace of mind in an age where cyber threats are a constant concern. With a proactive approach to security, we employ the latest technologies and strategies to defend against cyber attacks, making Rocket IT your trusted partner in cyber resilience.

Our cyber security services are designed not just to react to incidents but to prevent them. By understanding the unique challenges faced by businesses in NZ, we offer bespoke cyber security solutions that fit your specific needs. From vulnerability assessments to 24/7 monitoring and incident response, our dedicated team of IT specialists works tirelessly to keep your operations secure and compliant. Choose Rocket IT for robust cyber security that keeps you one step ahead of the threats.

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Our suite of Cyber Security Services helps keep the bad guys out of your network and allows your users to work safer. Our products tick the boxes for most Cyber Insurance requirements. Users account for 90% of all breaches and our solutions help reduce the overall attack surface.

Rocket IT provides a suite of Cyber Security Services, including Advanced Device Threat Protection, Account Takeover Protection, Cyber Awareness Training, Dark Web Monitoring, Phishing Simulations, Validated Backups and Data Loss Prevention.

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