Why Rocket IT?

Because you can ask any of our customers how great we are. We advise you on how to get the most out of technology and help you to get there without hassle. We know how business works and we know how to give yours a boost. More importantly we keep you safe and sound while we do it.

Our survey results.


Our Net Promoter Score. This means our customers think we are excellent. NZ businesses should aim for 30.


Rating out of 5 for response time to a phone call or email. A survey is sent after every incident/request closure.


Rating out of 5 for speed of resolution after an incident is emailed or phoned to the helpdesk.


Rating out of 5 for communication level throughout the incident or request.

We have fun 

Someone fixing your computer on the phone or by email can be frustrating, so we take the time to get to know your staff and build relationships.

A friendly voice or face who you know is going to be able to solve your issue can make a world of difference.


Great value for money, good guys, loyal and truly interested in our success.

~ Another happy customer

We promise…

We will do what we said we would do. We will turn up when we say we will. We will give you realistic timeframes. But, we will not promise you things we cannot deliver.

We will make it happen.

No BS.


Secure IT
We understand you

Free assesment

The more I plan, the luckier I get……We provide a free assessment. See where you are today and where you could be tomorrow (we do give realistic expectations)