Telephony, networks and computers all go hand in hand. Why go to a separate provider for each? We have a robust system we have used for years. Alexander Bell would have been proud.

In the realm of business communications, the evolution of telephony has been nothing short of revolutionary, with IP telephony leading the charge in transforming how businesses connect and collaborate. Rocket IT, as a forefront provider of telephony solutions in NZ, recognises the critical role that advanced communication technologies play in today’s fast-paced business environment. Our IP telephony services are designed not just to meet the current communication needs of businesses but to future-proof them against the ever-changing technological landscape. By leveraging the power of the internet, our IP telephony solutions offer unparalleled clarity, reliability, and scalability, allowing businesses to manage their communications more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Moreover, with the advent of telephony as a service, businesses now have the flexibility to access a host of telecommunication features without the hefty investment in physical hardware. Rocket IT’s telephony as a service model is tailored for businesses of all sizes in NZ, offering them the agility to adapt to market demands while ensuring their communication systems are always at the cutting edge. From voice to video calls and conferencing, our telephony services are comprehensive, secure, and integrated with the latest features to support seamless remote work, collaboration, and customer engagement. Embrace the future of business communications with Rocket IT’s telephony solutions, where innovation meets reliability.

We have been providing internet telephony systems (VOIP) for years. You can manage call flows, answer messages, make voice recordings and everything else through one simple web page. We can provide the handsets and the cloud system and have it all up and running in around two weeks.

Still got a pesky fax number? We can configure that to go to an email address. We also supply an email-to-text system for bulk texting your customers from Outlook or a web portal.

Not much to say really – our system works. No long-term commitment, no extra equipment required onsite and competitive pricing.