Telephony, networks and computers all go hand in hand. Why go to a separate provider for each? We have a robust system we have used for years. Alexander Bell would have been proud.

We have been providing internet telephony systems (VOIP) for years. You can manage call flows, answer messages, make voice recordings and everything else through one simple web page. We can provide the handsets and the cloud system and have it all up and running in around two weeks.

Still got a pesky fax number? We can configure that to go to an email address. We also supply an email-to-text system for bulk texting your customers from Outlook or a web portal.

Not much to say really – our system works. No long-term commitment, no extra equipment required onsite and competitive pricing.

IT for construction

We have 20 years of experience implementing and feeding and watering IT solutions for NZ small and medium-sized construction businesses. A broken mouse or a broken server, we do the lot. Your very own IT department without the cost.

IT for manufacturing

Looking after the technology for manufacturing companies across Auckland is our bread and butter. We bring new ideas and boost your business with awesome support and technology that will increase your productivity.