Purchasing and Leasing

Not all hardware is equal. We do research prior to purchasing equipment for our customers. We make sure we get the right thing, for the right price, with the right support. If you prefer a month-to-month spend, we can lease equipment, software or projects over a term that suits your needs.

Equipment purchasing and leasing 

We supply all sorts of IT equipment around the country. From PCs and laptops to barcode scanners and touch screen till machines, our long-term relationships with our suppliers make it easy to get equipment to your workplaces.

You tell us what you want in layman terms and we go out and find it and then send you a quote.

Our sister company, Rocket IT Leasing, can lease hardware, software and project costs over terms to suit. We can supply lease to own/return or buy for hardware.

We also deal with all of the hassle if a machine fails, we deal with the manufacturer regarding warranties. This is a very rare occurrence as we have trusted suppliers and manufacturers that we prefer. These have been chosen using our 100 years combined knowledge of what works well and what works for five minutes.

We can supply equipment as it comes in the box, or preconfigured.

IT for construction

We have 20 years of experience implementing and feeding and watering IT solutions for NZ small and medium-sized construction businesses. A broken mouse or a broken server, we do the lot. Your very own IT department without the cost.

IT for manufacturing

Looking after the technology for manufacturing companies across Auckland is our bread and butter. We bring new ideas and boost your business with awesome support and technology that will increase your productivity.