Microsoft 365

We were early adopters of Microsoft 365. A lot of our customers were running on 365 before it became mainstream. We know it inside out. Let us help you move from other products (no names) to the best collaboration and productivity tools within the 365 suite.

We understand you

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is so much more than Outlook, Word and Excel. We can show you how to give your business a boost using the collaboration tools that come with it. Our customers are passionate about our implementations. Our 365 experts are on hand to guide you and make 365 your one place to go for your staff. Whether you have a team that is in the office, out on site, at home or on the beach, Office 365 gives your team the ability to collaborate and communicate. With built in tools for shift management, project management, health management and a host of other goodies, 365 will help your team stay in control of their day-to-day tasks. Talk to us about getting that boost for your business.

IT for construction

We have 20 years of experience implementing and feeding and watering IT solutions for NZ small and medium-sized construction businesses. A broken mouse or a broken server, we do the lot. Your very own IT department without the cost.

IT for manufacturing

Looking after the technology for manufacturing companies across Auckland is our bread and butter. We bring new ideas and boost your business with awesome support and technology that will increase your productivity.