Consultancy and advice

 Are you setting up a new business? Trying to find new technologies for your existing business? Ensuring you have the best setup that suits your team?  We are here to help.

Consultancy and advice

We may have been in business for twenty years but we have around 100 years of IT experience within the team. We have seen things go well and we have seen our fair share of disasters.

We don’t exist to “make a sale”. We are here to give small and medium size businesses good solid advice.

If you choose to have another provider complete a project or support you going forward, that is fine. Our advice is the same whether you choose to buy from us or someone else.

We have experience in most industries, so your advice will not be generic. Instead, it will be tailored to your business and industry needs.

We have completed many successful transformational  projects that we can talk about.

We can

– Help map your processes and find technology that will streamline them.

– Tell you if you have any security gaps.

– Write a 1-3 year IT strategy for your business.

– Provide you with HR IT documentation for new staff.

– Assess and test software or hardware.

– Provide IT project resources (management and techs)

– Lots more – ask us.



We understand you

IT for construction

We have 20 years of experience implementing and feeding and watering IT solutions for NZ small and medium-sized construction businesses. A broken mouse or a broken server, we do the lot. Your very own IT department without the cost.

IT for manufacturing

Looking after the technology for manufacturing companies across Auckland is our bread and butter. We bring new ideas and boost your business with awesome support and technology that will increase your productivity.