We are a group of talented, humorous, and innovative individuals who have enormous pride in what we do.

We’ve been helping businesses since 2002 and our team have a wealth of experience managing IT systems within companies of all sizes, we know our stuff, and love to share our ideas with you.

We bring our knowledge, skill, experience and common-sense approach to your business, providing solutions that fit your budget, strategy and ensures future proofing.

We can become your IT Department

Most small to medium size businesses don’t have full time IT staff to provide a high level of expertise and support across the wide range of technologies and software that businesses use. We can become your IT Department, working with you, on-site when required, and always in an open and honest way.

Boost your success, with the right IT solution.

We get you up and running as quickly as possible with communication and a smile

We also understand that many people don’t talk ‘tech’ and so when we talk to you and your teams, we make sure you understand what we’re saying. So, if you think being ‘in the Cloud’ involves flying, or that Blockchain has something to do with building, we’ll help you understand what it is and what it means for you. We know that IT problems can often lead to the urge to throw something, so our team will respond to issues quickly, sympathetically and holistically – we work on the root cause, so the issues don’t keep occurring. We get you back in business fast, with communication and a smile.

Meet our leaders

Simon Gibson  |  Managing Director

Simon has over twenty five years of experience in commercial and government IT sectors.

Keen to use his experience, and vision for better IT solutions, to help a wider range of NZ businesses, Simon bought the company, IT Logics in 2016. He has recently renamed it Rocket IT to reflect his passion for helping businesses soar.

As an experienced IT professional, Simon understands the importance of the right IT solution, and as a business owner, also understands that solutions have to match your business strategy and your budget.

He has been responsible for managing teams in various areas:  Service desk, Desktop, Server, Applications, Change and Release, Major Incident, Problem and Service Delivery Managers. He was also responsible for the business continuity and disaster recovery plans for multiple data centers and technical teams. So, whatever your needs, he will be able to offer a well-designed, considered solution.

Simon is passionate about enjoying what you do, and his approachable, friendly manner is reflected in the team at Rocket IT. He ensures that Rocket IT takes pride in everything they do, achieving success with teamwork, innovation and a sense of humour.

Married with a couple of boys, he enjoys playing football, a good curry and cracking dad jokes.

Simon Gibson, RocketIT

Daniel Dale  |  Senior Technical Guru & Technical Architect

Daniel is highly experienced managing complex environments. He’s been with Rocket IT for seven years and is responsible for future technologies and keeping the Rocket IT environment safe and sound.

He manages the technology architecture and roadmap and works with clients to help determine what they need in the future and then helping to implement it.

Daniel has a BSc in Infsys and software engineering.

Married and living in the sunny North, his hobbies include diving and laughing at Simon’s jokes.

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