About Rocket IT

We’ve been helping businesses since 2002, and our team have a wealth of experience managing IT systems within companies of all sizes; we know our stuff and love to share our ideas with you. Many of our customers are from the manufacturing, construction and trades sectors.

Welcome to Rocket IT

We bring our knowledge, skill, experience and common-sense approach to your business, providing solutions that fit your budget and strategy and ensure future-proofing.

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We can become your IT Department

Most small to medium size businesses don’t have full-time IT staff to provide a high level of expertise and support across the wide range of technologies and software businesses use. We can become your IT Department, working with you, on-site when required, and always in an open and honest way. Boost your success, with the right IT solution.

No techno babble.

We understand that many people don’t talk ‘tech’. So, if you think being ‘in the Cloud’ involves flying, or that Blockchain has something to do with building, we’ll help you understand what it is and what it means for you.

We know that IT problems can often lead to the urge to throw something, so our team will respond to issues quickly, sympathetically and holistically – we work on the root cause, so the issues don’t keep occurring. We get you back in business fast, with communication and a smile.

Meet our awesome team

Simon Gibson

Managing Director

Simon has over twenty-five years of experience in the commercial and government IT sectors.

He is always keen to use his experience and vision for better IT solutions to help a broader range of NZ businesses.

As an experienced IT professional, Simon understands the importance of the right IT solution. As a business owner, he also understands that solutions must match your business strategy and budget.

He has managed teams in various areas: Service desk, Desktop, Server, Applications, Change and Release, Major Incident, Problem and Service Delivery Managers. He was also responsible for the business continuity and disaster recovery plans for multiple data centres and technical teams. So, whatever your needs, he can offer a well-designed, considered solution.

Simon is passionate about enjoying what you do, and his approachable, friendly manner is reflected in the team at Rocket IT. He ensures that Rocket IT takes pride in everything they do, achieving success with teamwork, innovation and a sense of humour.

Married with a couple of boys:- he enjoys playing football, a good curry and cracking dad jokes.

Nick McClintock

Project and Implementation Lead

Nick has been working in IT for over 20 years and is a highly technically skilled Senior Infrastructure Engineer / Technical Specialist with experience supporting everything from SMB businesses all the way through to international businesses and large multi-site, multi-network & publicly listed companies. Nick has been with Rocket IT since 2019 and is responsible for keeping the Support Team focused on constantly improving not only our customer’s environments but also their own skill sets as he believes this is imperative in a world where technology and the requirement to understand it is constantly changing. Nick loves anything outdoors and is a massive motorsport fan and when he is not in the office you can usually find him either outside or tinkering in his garage. He enjoys Simon’s dad jokes immensely.

James Auger

Technical Specialist

James has been in IT for many years. He is passionate about new and current technologies. His enthusiasm and empathy make James an awesome technician to work with.

He cares about “his” customer and takes deep pride in getting things fixed quickly and professionally. James has a great sense of humour and there is never a dull moment when he is around.

He knows Microsoft 365 and Desktop support like the back of his hand and is currently learning new technologies within Rocket IT.

He is our customer experience guru and the feedback he receives from clients is phenomenal.

When he is not in front of a screen, he likes spending time with his young daughter and his fiance. He enjoys computer gaming and is a pretty fine footballer in the Rocket IT sponsored team.

He also loves Simon’s dad jokes.


Dean Fletcher

Security Specialist

Dean has over thirty years of experience in the ICT sector. After ten years of being a systems engineer, Dean ventured into Sales and Marketing Roles.

He thinks outside the square and looks for solutions that are fit for purpose and align to the customer’s needs.

Dean has been responsible for designing, planning, and overseeing large and small infrastructure projects from a relationship manager perspective. Security is a specialist area that Dean understands and can provide proven solutions to protect your company data and keep your user’s online identity safe. So, if you want to reduce your cyber-attack surface, Dean can help you with practicable, proven and affordable solutions.

Dean is passionate about enjoying what you do and excelling in customer satisfaction is something he strives for.

Dean is a tennis fanatic and plays competitive tennis during the interclub season. When he is not playing tennis, you may find him building or renovating something around the house to test out a new power tool.

He really does enjoy a good Simon joke.

Nikhil Patel

Technical Specialist

As a progressive professional with three years of personal experience including more than 1 year industry experience, Nikhil believes that he can bring valuable solutions to your technical problems.

Identifying innovative approaches and improved solutions to business challenges both motivate and drive him. Observation, Inspiration and Determination are his foundation of success. His philosophy is that we should Introduce new technology in our day-to-day business which will help us to grow, such as Office 365 and AWS.

Having Experience with O365, SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Teams, OneDrive, Outlook and other apps help him resolve issues as quickly as possible. 

His hobbies: He loves cars, he spends most of his time on his cars. Apart that he likes photography and obviously long drives.

His mantra is “I do not fear failure but rather fear for not trying”

He wishes Simon would tell more jokes.

Angela Gibson

Director / Accounts and Administration Manager

Angela has been at Rocket IT for the last 6 years. Her role is to ensure that our staff and suppliers get paid and that the money coming in and out is what we expected.

After many years in the “raising children” industry, Angela returned to the workforce part-time.

Angela has experience managing a Property Letting Agency in London and various retail roles before that. She spent her growing up years on the sunny North Shore of Auckland and then returned after a ten year OE where she found her trophy husband who she brought back to New Zealand.

Angela enjoys reading, running, lazing on the patio and laughing at Simon’s amazingly funny jokes. This is why she married him.

Daniel Dale

Senior Technical Advisor

Daniel has years of experience managing complex environments. He’s been with Rocket IT for nearly ten years and is responsible for future technologies, assisting with 3rd level support escalations and keeping the Rocket IT environment safe and sound.

He is the ultimate IT guru.

Daniel has a BSc in Infsys and software engineering.

Married and living in the rainy UK, his hobbies include spending time with his son, listening to Pink Floyd and laughing at Simon’s jokes.

Nick Gloss

Senior ICT Support Engineer

Nick has been working in the ICT sector for over 22 years and has progressed to an enthusiastic technology expert. He has prior experience abroad and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on the technical and business management front. Nick has a special focus on SMB infrastructures and an acute sense for business insights. He strives to create strong and long-lasting business relationships, always willing to go the extra mile to meet the needs of clients. His technical strengths are in CCTV technologies, VOIP, Server infrastructures and Cloud services. He has built complex technology business solutions to support unique clientele needs. He loves testing the waters with new technologies and bending the limits. He seeks to always grow his knowledge and skills in technology and in his personal life. 

His life principles are trust, respect, humility, honesty and integrity.

 Nick loves his free time with his family. His hobbies include Formula 1 racing, outdoor activities and DIY home projects.

He is still waiting for Simon’s jokes…

NZ and Worldwide Support

Loads of great people

We partner with companies around NZ to bring your company physical visits across the country. Our partners are hand-picked and have worked with us over many years. They have a wealth of experience and share the same culture and values as us.

The majority of our work is done remotely so it is rare that we will need to go onsite.  We also partner with an IT company in the UK. They are able to supply services out of NZ hours.



Software and applications

We don’t and can’t do everything. As the saying goes, “Jack of all trades and master of none”. However, we know a man who does. We have relationships with many NZ application providers and often act as the aggregator in the middle to ensure you get the support and advice you need. If you have a specific application requirement, we can find you the right partner/implementor. We know what products are right for your business.

We are a group of talented, humorous, and innovative individuals with enormous pride in our work.


IT guru’s who are easy to get along with, speak layman’s and don’t try and sell you software/products you don’t need. Just a good all round nice bunch of people, with a great customer service attitude.