Decades of experience working with companies in your sector make us the ideal IT partner. We speak the language and wear the high vis and hard hat.

BOM, BIM, NAV, CAD, SAP, ERP, CRM, etc etc etc. With over 20 years of managing the technology for construction businesses and their suppliers, we know what you are talking about.

Our clients include

Large plumbing and electrical companies (up to 150 staff).

Retail trade stores across the country.


Large residential and commercial construction companies.

Through to environmental scrap metal recycling and composting.

Along with our customers in import/export, packaging, and distribution, we know most industries and how they tick. We understand the wins that are worth concentrating on.

The customers we have in the construction industry have been with us for many years because we do what we say we are going to do.


We understand you

Getting dirty 

We get to know your worksites. Donning safety boots and dodging the forklifts are part of our everyday work.

We are not just a forgettable name at the end of a phone line.

New customers get to meet our team over a coffee and a cake.

NZ business is about relationships. Unfortunately we dont get many phone calls to say “my server and computer are running excellently today and have been for a year. I thought I would just ring and say thanks” . It is how we deal with the stressful time when you can’t work. We get how emotional this can be – you can see our Managing Director when his laptop doesn’t work for a good example. We show care, empathy, understanding and urgency. Every interaction should be memorable.


Start constructing your IT strategy today…

Rocket IT

We can help you build a 1-3 year IT strategy. This should align with your business plan and help you grow and gain that competitive advantage. Or we can help you out of a jam!

Rocket IT

We can help you find the right software (and provider and implementor) to enhance  business efficiencies, allowing you to focus on the essential things

Rocket IT
Head office and sites

We understand that the head office’s needs are different from those of the onsite. One size does not fit all. We use old-fashioned talking to provide technical advice..

Contact us today to see how we can boost your business


Rocket IT takes care of the day to day technology issues, while businesses carry on with what they are good at.