Managing the technology

for manufacturing firms across the country is our bread and butter. Our experience in the sector makes us the ideal technology partner.

Know the lingo.

We don’t talk in IT gobbledy gook but we do understand yours. CNC, Solidworks, Workbench, Exo all mean something to us. We will not look at you with blank stares.

We already have a fair idea of the high-level processes that your business uses and how we can improve them with technology solutions.

A GP specialises in humans, a vet specialises in animals, and an artist may specialise in sculpture. They are all Doctors…..All IT companies aren’t the same. Choose one who specialises in your industry. You dont want a portrait artist conducting your heart surgery.





Simon Gibson, Managing Director
We understand you

Walk between the lines

We spend a fair amount of time in factories, warehouses, and various hazardous places. We adhere to your health and safety practices while sticking to our own internal standards and processes. We interact with staff on the factory floor, admin team, management team and everyone who needs our help.

Your manufacturing business can now have it’s own IT team without the cost and management overheads of a staff member.

We can spend an hour a month on site, we could spend 8 hours every  day. The choice is yours. A flexible on demand IT service.

A team that cares about making IT happen.




Start manufacturing your IT strategy today…

Rocket IT

We can help you build a 1-3 year IT strategy. This should align to your business plan and help you grow and gain that competitive advantage. Or we can help you out of a jam!

Rocket IT

We can help you find the right software (and provider and implementor) to enhance  business efficiencies, allowing you to focus on the important things.

Rocket IT
The factory floor

We understand that the admin team and management have different needs for the factory floor. One size does not fit all. We use experience to provide technical solutions.

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An approachable IT company that doesn’t speak in tongues, who are responsive and proactive to customer needs