How we can improve your business

September 18, 2023

Same Sh#t, different day.

We like fixing things that are broken, it is what we do well. But the biggest buzz comes from saving our clients time and money using existing technology.

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of solving a problem. I am an old bugger and within the company we have many years of experience. Although IT is forever changing, there are still a lot of business fundamentals that don’t change that much. We still have many clients whose processes are the same as they were 20 years ago. Change is scary and time consuming and when something “aint broke” there isn’t an appetite to fix it. Just because something isn’t broken, it doesn’t mean that its not costing you hours in manpower and maybe a hole in the bottom-line bucket.

There isn’t a single company in the world that is perfect, every company should be reassessing its processes, policies, and procedures in the hunt for improvement. One efficiency might save an hour a week, one may make one of your staff happy because they don’t have to do a certain task, one may identify and close a billing gap. You can’t fix them all, but you can pick and choose what is most valuable. This isn’t just for business owners; this is for everyone in the company to do. The boss probably doesn’t know that by doing one broken process every week it is causing chaos in a whole production line.

Think big, think small, but also think – who can look from the outside in.

We aren’t process experts, business analysts, or software experts, but we know how to look at a process and see if there is anyway that the existing or new technology can help you. We can then engage ourselves or one of our partners to give you the Rocket IT boost.

Unfortunately, we don’t get asked the question often enough “what else can you guys do for us?”

Here are three examples that I hope will get the mind flowing.

Example 1)

We had a customer who had been us for a few years. A successful NZ company, with all the usual processes and procedures an NZE SME has.

We had bimonthly catch ups to talk about what’s new in the IT world and how we could help them with their support needs etc. Somebody brought in a manilla folder and put it on the desk of the owner. He said, “can you authorise this please and then give it to Johnny to sign off and send down to Christchurch”.

It turned out that the whole approval process took somewhere in the region of 4-5 days (if no-one was away). They probably killed half of Riverhead Forest with the paper they were using, and they employed someone to manage all of this (and other manual tasks).

Of course, this was easy to solve. A whiteboard session and using the 365 tools they already had, meant no papers, no waiting, and an admin staff member who they could use for more useful (profit earning) projects.

“We have done it like this for years” Well how many years have you wasted?

Example 2)

A business owner used one tool (that he had been using for 20 years) to order and track inventory. Noone else in the business knew how to manage it or use it. It was so complex that it couldn’t really be explained, yet it did such a simple thing. Inventory management.

We put him together with one of our trusted partners and 1 year on he retired (because he could) and the business runs on successfully. He felt tied to the business because of this one very manual process in a piece of software. Its never too late for a dog to take up juggling.

Example 3)

A nationwide company with a centralised admin team. The admin team were nearly as big as the team they were supporting out in the field. That should be a sign that something is wrong.

With a few new systems, we managed to reduce the amount of admin headcount required (meaning they could then go out in the field).

Data was in now one place only and they also no longer needed to be onsite (working on a local server).

They further reduced cost by closing the head office and having their admin staff work from home or from a shared office location.

That really is technology saving time and money.

Give us a whiteboard, a couple of hours and let’s see if we can use some of that experience to help your business. An hour a month for 10 staff soon adds up.

In a business of 10 staff on an average salary, saving an hour a week each, that adds up to about 15 -20k a year.

The company must want to change, and you do all the hard work. We just point you and give you the tools….

Here are some real guestimates of savings below.

Example 1 $45k

Example 2 $ a directors salary/a retirement lifestyle

Example 3 $150k

Imagine if you went to your boss and said – I can save you……………………

Book us in to workshop your business.